« Empty architecture » > Dubaï - Benidorm - Paris > ©2010

The graphical and colorimetric esthetics of this series jumps out at you. One can find it pleasing or not but it’s obvious that this is a work that leaves behind the notion of concept, it’s emancipated from the domineering need of a search for meaning.

Here the photography uses perception more than concepts. The buildings are dispossessed, giving a sculptural effect. We are immersed in a new alphabet built with signs. On the frameworks or structures we can decipher an artistic language borrowed from reality.

These images represent an instant in architectural space, they offer up an inventory of the buildings, a sort of ‘buffer’ stage in the middle of construction.

The photographic object thus drifts towards an artistic alias. From empty architecture emerges “ex-nihilo” a photographic sculpture.


© Jean-Pierre Attal > 2010