« Intra muros »

When we speak of  "housing estates", most people immediately put an image to the term. My desire was to propose my own vision on the collective unconscious, exploring what we could call a new archetypal anthill.

These works were realised at the extreme limits of the Parisian cityscape. The border between the city and the suburbs is constantly evolving and is giving birth to a disturbing absurdity.

These slices of life, seemingly well-ordered, all look alike, giving a sense of reassurance. They are full of repetition and devoid of any distinction, causing a haunting sense of emptiness. No city center here; the absence of any trade or commerce and collective spaces fills one with the feeling of being lost in an unlimited maze.

"intra muros", or how the desire of 'to each his own' gives forth to an unreal urban model.


© Jean-Pierre Attal > 2008